rasta quad Elevon
stamps quad
The Stamps Quad setup was designed by Huntington Beach shaper Tim Stamps as a go-to design for people who look for a Quad setup in their high-performance shortboard. The honeycomb material combined with a balanced template give this fin a medium flex and make it an ideal quad in a shortboard with a 5-fin option.
front fins:
height: 4.46"
base: 4.45"
area: 14.84"
rear fins:
height: 4.04"
base: 3.76"
area: 11.56"
stamps quad
FTS QUAD Honeycomb Green
A lightweight hexagonal core gives these fins the feel of glass-ons. Engineered with a medium flex pattern, stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than Fiberglass
ride number (Beta)
To help simplify things, we’ve assigned a single “ride number” to each of our fins. This number is based on a variety of factors including the fin’s flex, shape, and foil. Fins with lower ratings are stable and predictable while higher ratings are more responsive and lively. Ride Number is currently BETA, so expect more info soon....
V2 Foil
A V2 Foil is a V. Foil and Flat Foil blend. It takes the best speed generating attributes of the V. (at the base) and transitions into a flat foil in the tip for a controlled release in critical turns. Try the V2 foil if you are transitioning from flat sided fins. The benefits of the V. foil base will be noticeable but the change for your muscle memory will not be too drastic.