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After seven years of R & D, the Elevon was perfected with 3-D contours to provide an incredible amount of lift and drive. The Elevon was designed to carry momentum through flat sections and create speed, allowing you to go vertical in places previously not possible. The Elevon rear fins come in both large and small templates depending on the surfer’s body size and performance preference.
Medium (145lbs - 195lbs)
side fins:
height: 4.57"
base: 4.40"
area: 15.16"
rear fins:
area: 12.17"
ELEVON FRONT PAIR  Carbon/Kevlar Elevon
Carbon / kevlar
Kevlar / Carbon combination is designed to be incredibly lightweight and really strong.  Kevlar is the ultimate in impact resistance, and this fin is designed not to flex. The result being that the multiple foils are aligned to achieve maximum lift, making it the most high tech fin on the market.
ride number (Beta)
To help simplify things, we’ve assigned a single “ride number” to each of our fins. This number is based on a variety of factors including the fin’s flex, shape, and foil. Fins with lower ratings are stable and predictable while higher ratings are more responsive and lively. Ride Number is currently BETA, so expect more info soon....
elevon Foil
The Elevon Foil is the most technical surf fin design to date.  It's a combination of Futures V2 concave foil at the base and a modified Ascent Hydrofoil through the tip. The combination of the wing-like features at the tip of the fin, with the concave running vertically throughout create an incredible amount of lift, generating new levels of speed in softer conditions.